Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is The Conklin Solution?
  • A: THE CONKLIN SOLUTION is a book written by Conklin Executive Director Dennis Nun in 2000 and revised in 2012 with the latest advice for those who are committed to, or at least investigating the possibilities of building a large Conklin Distribution Network of IBOs (Independent Business Owners), Preferred Customers and Commercial Purchasers. All of the Conklin Company’s sales and marketing is the result of the efforts of their independent field manager organization who are compensated on a residual commission basis on the business that they establish and service.
  • Q: What is Family21Managers.info?
  • A: This website is an online resource for and by independent field managers dedicated to building a large residual income, and vast network of independent managers.
  • Q: What is the mission Family21Managers.info?
  • A: Our mission is to equip and educate independent Conklin field managers with the tools necessary to recruit, train and communicate with their expanding distribution networks.
  • Q: What is the purpose of Family21Managers.info?
  • A: The purpose of this website is to continually provide a stream of information and tools to managers who are focused on building their distribution networks; providing a forum for education and support of those efforts.
  • Q: What are some of the things you’ll experience at Family21Managers.info?
  • A: With a user name and password you will have FREE Access to:
    1. An e-book version of The Conklin Solution, 2nd Edition at no charge
    2. Receive invitations to field sponsored training events, seminars and programs
    3. Be given access to training calls
    4. Online access and free downloads of past training conference calls
    5. Access to E-Store business building tools
    6. Subscription to Family 21 Managers E-News
    7. Full Access to the use of all on-line tools
      • Printed training materials in PDF, Excel or WORD formats
      • Downloadable Power Point Presentations
      • Video Training on-line
  • Q: How do I obtain a user name and password to access all the tools available through Family21Managers.info?
  • A: If you are a Director, just call Jordan Nun at (872) 588-1022 and request a user name and password.  He’ll collect the information needed to give you access and e-mail that to you.  If you are a District Manager or Sales Manager, you should contact your Director and ask him to request a user name and password for you and we’ll be in contact with you to provide you with access to the site and all that it has to offer.